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Engineering Applications

Zydeco has worked on several challenging projects in multiple engineering disciplines. We worked with multiple engineers and chemical scientists to create an environmental database used to calculate greenhouse gas emissions at over 15,000 oil and gas wells. We've also worked with three-dimensional data on Android and VTK.

Cloud Applications

Zydeco has configured Salesforce.com instances and built applications on the Force.com API. We also have experience with Google Cloud and Google App Engine (see our first App Engine app here). We've created mash ups with several cloud web service API's including the Google Drive SDK, Intuit QuickBooks SDK, and Amazon Web Services.

Web Development

We like to keep things simple and design web applications using modern design techniques and frameworks such as Django, Laravel and Bootstrap. By using frameworks like Laravel we are able to leverage the same backend code for web based and mobile/tablet based user interfaces. We've created applications that interface to large enterprise software systems.