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A quote from a website sponsored by the US Department of Defense and National Institutes of Technology:

"In the past few decades the manufacturing industry has seen many dramatic changes, from Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) to computer controlled machines and Lean processes for assembly. Each of these changes revolutionized the industry in its own way by either decreasing cost, shortening time to market or increasing the quality of the product. Now as we move forward into the next century, a new process is poised to revolutionize the entire lifecycle of a product. This process is called the Model Based Enterprise (MBE)."

Zydeco has experience working with several 3D CAD technologies. We've integrated a SDK similar to that provided by Techsoft 3D to a popular open-source document management system called Alfresco. We are currently working on several customizations of Autodesk's Revit product. Zydeco can integrate 3D CAD design tools with custom processes in the oil and gas and architecture/engineering/construction industries.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications have shifted to cloud based systems with software-as-a-service subscription models. provides sales forecasting, customer service management, and a suite of other CRM tools all in the cloud and for a low monthly subscription fee. Businesses are adopting CRM solutions in the cloud — for the last ten fiscal quarters Salesforce has experienced on average 30% quarterly revenue growth.

Zydeco has developed several solutions for clients within Salesforce via VisualForce pages and APEX classes, and we have utilized the REST API to integrate with 3rd party applications. Salesforce consulting fees can range upwards to $125 per hour. Zydeco can provide the same services at the same level of quality and at a fraction of the cost.

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Businesses small and large often make the mistake of designing custom software systems that do not leverage existing commercial platforms. For small and medium sized businesses COTS (commercial off the shelf) software solutions are most probably available and affordable.

Over the last five years numerous software vendors have released software development kits that allow integration with 3rd-party services. Seventy-five years ago the automotive and aerospace industries realized outsourcing the design and manufacturing of component parts to supply chain partners lowered costs; today the software industry is experiencing similar disruptive innovation in design (the API economy) and implemention (offshore outsourcing).

Zydeco can handle the grunt programming work of integrating multiple applications via any SDK, web service, or data layer interface. We've integrated open-source, commercial, and home-grown applications into functional systems.

Desktop and laptop hardware with high powered CPU's and large hard disks no longer have a place in most businesses. The top selling laptop device on the web's largest e-commerce website isn't a Windows based system, nor does it allow the installation of desktop applications such as Microsoft Office or Photoshop; instead the device features Internet only access based on a customized Linux OS (see Google's Chromium OS #1 ranking on

As users continue to use smartphones, tablets, and web-only laptops the value of cloud based services for data storage and CPU intensive tasks will continue to grow. Zydeco has worked with several of the leading cloud platforms including Google App Engine, Amazon EC2, and We understand the advantages and disadvantages of working with various cloud platforms.

If you are considering migrating existing systems to a cloud platform, or if you know of a cloud platform or service that you wish to integrate with, Zydeco has the skills and expertise to make your project a reality.

At Zydeco we create simple, secure and functional web applications. Our focus is on critical business applications. We've worked with small and large businesses, whose revenues range from the thousands up to thirty million annually.

We take all precautions to ensure our web applications are secure. We use hardened software stacks and frameworks whose security has been crowd tested. We design using techniques to prevent XSS, SQL injection, and CSRF attacks. We use GIT source code control for configuration management and issue tracking, and we create automated tests to mitigate the introduction of new software bugs.

We have experience in all the major programming languages. We've worked on a digital media file storage system using Java EE Spring (based on open-source application Alfresco). We've developed in C# .Net MVC on Microsoft's Azure Platform. We've created several applications in PHP on a LAMP stack. We've developed in Python (Menkyo) on Google App Engine.

When designing web applications we always recommend leveraging existing software frameworks, which reduces project development time and costs. We consider ourselves experts using Javascript frameworks Extjs and Sencha (we have paired Sencha with Phonegap). We like the object-oriented and quality documentation features of PHP Codeigniter. We've used Twitter Bootstrap and jQuery in several designs. We are capable of interfacing to software as a service API's such as Salesforce and Quickbooks.