Zydeco Digital LLC
Hello, I am Randall Toepfer

Full Stack Software Developer


Fully Responsive

I develop web applications that work across all form factors whether laptop, tablet, or mobile.


Latest Technologies

I use the latest technologies such as Google App Engine and Django to increase reliability and lower development costs.


Coding Standards

I use Git repositories on Bitbucket for configuration control and a Kanban board with client access for easy project management.



I have experience configuring and developing APEX applications on the Salesforce.com platform.


Integrated Testing

I like to create automated tests using PhpUnit for PHP, PyUnit for Python, and Google Test Framework for C++ to ensure reliability.



I have worked integrating accounting software systems such as QuickBooks and engineering software such as AutoCAD.

Randall did a great job with coding the application and everything is working smoothly!

Jonathan Hobbs
Jonathan Hobbs Manager, Russel Marine Group