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Developers and Side Projects

There’s a great article on Medium about Developer ADHD. The author explains why some developers have lots of unfinished side projects. Like the author I too have several unfinished side projects. I find I usually will give up on a side project after I’ve fully learned the underlying technology. Here’s the rundown of a few of these projects.

  1. Autodesk Revit PDF Printouts
    This app was actually the idea of one of my clients that I created during a lull in work. I tried a Kickstarter project to get funding but was unsuccessful so abandoned the project. There was a working demo that printed PDF drawings from Revit that were interlinked. Everything coded in C#.
  2. Business Foot Traffic Social Media Statistics
    I had the grand idea of tracking Facebook and Foursquare usage at a place of business. Unfortunately, Foursquare fell out of favor and I never finished the demo.



  3. World Newspaper App
    I did this demo almost 10 years ago when Extjs was the rage and YUI was still relevant. Its a map of the world with clickable newspaper icons that pulled in a RSS feed.



  4. Law School Notes App                                                            Instead of paying attention during classes in law school I created this app in Extjs to automate note taking.


5. DeliciouRSS Reader

This was my first project on Google App Engine in order to get acquainted with the platform and technology.

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