Developers and Side Projects

There’s a great article on Medium about Developer ADHD. The author explains why some developers have lots of unfinished side projects. Like the author I too have several unfinished side projects. I find I usually will give up on a side project after I’ve fully learned the underlying technology. Here’s the rundown of a few of these projects.

  1. Autodesk Revit PDF Printouts
    This app was actually the idea of one of my clients that I created during a lull in work. I tried a Kickstarter project to get funding but was unsuccessful so abandoned the project. There was a working demo that printed PDF drawings from Revit that were interlinked. Everything coded in C#.
  2. Business Foot Traffic Social Media Statistics
    I had the grand idea of tracking Facebook and Foursquare usage at a place of business. Unfortunately, Foursquare fell out of favor and I never finished the demo.


  3. World Newspaper App
    I did this demo almost 10 years ago when Extjs was the rage and YUI was still relevant. Its a map of the world with clickable newspaper icons that pulled in a RSS feed.


  4. Law School Notes AppInstead of paying attention during classes in law school I created this app in Extjs to automate note taking.


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