Not a common thing when I get to point out a bug in Google’s code base.

Here’s a code fix I submitted to Google for a bug I found in their 3D serialization library.


Open Source Contribution

My first open-source software contribution! A bit laughable given I’ve been developing software for over 15 years.

Heroku, Google App Engine, Django

Commodity Inspections Application

I’ve been working on an application for inspecting Mississippi River cargo ships that hold agricultural commodities. I developed the app in Python on Google App Engine using the Django framework and used Bootstrap as the front-end framework. The project has been managed via a Kanboard on Zydeco’s website.

Here are a few screenshots:

Main Vessel table

The main vessel table shows the status of ongoing jobs and was built via customizing an open-source table plugin.

Job entry form

Entering job information is painless on desktop, tablet and mobile devices thanks to Bootstrap4’s responsive layout features.

Django administration

The use of the Django framework provides a pre-built administration portal that allows adding lists, users, and other items to the database in a simple manner. The use of the Django backend cut project costs for my client in half.

The use of Bootstrap allowed the same code to seamlessly show data on mobile devices.

Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas Web Application

The last freelance project I worked on was for an oil and gas environmental consultant. The application computes greenhouse gas emissions at oil and gas wells. My client has used the application to manage submittals for over 20,000 oil and gas wells over the course of 5 years, and continues to use the application.

I designed the application with one of the leading MVC PHP frameworks, and used a combination of jquery and Backbone for the front-end. The user interface of the application was patterned after a Bootstrap template I found on Here’s a few screenshots: