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Zydeco Is A New Orleans Based & Cloud Application Consultancy.

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I am Randall Toepfer and I started consulting in 2005 as Zydeco Digital. I help businesses with the application, and I develop software on the, Heroku, and Google App Engine platforms using the Django, React, Bootstrap and Lightning Design System frameworks. Feel free to Get in Touch and we can discuss how I can help your business.
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Great job developing and supporting our custom application!

Jonathan Hobbs, Triton Marine

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Salesforce SMS


Salesforce Address Search


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Salesforce Quick Start
flat fee
Small & Medium Sized Businesses
Needing Initial Setup
Roles and User Setup
Custom Object & Fields Setup (up to 5 custom objects)
Page Layouts
External Website Lead Integration
Dashboards & Reports (up to 5 custom)
Lightning Flows and Automated Processes
Salesforce Development
Small & Medium Sized Businesses
Needing Software
Service Cloud configuration and setup
Pardot Marketing configuration and setup
Portal and Communities setup
Lightning Web Components development
Installation and configuration of App-Exchange apps
Data import and export
Custom App Development
Development of Web Applications Running in the Cloud
Python 3.x and DJANGO back-end
React.js front-end
Bootstrap 4 or LSDS design
Responsive design works on mobile, tablet, and desktop
Kanboard Project & Time Tracking