Artificial Intelligence & Salesforce Development

Artificial Intelligence products have taken the tech industry by storm. There’s the leader ChatGPT created by Microsoft and OpenAI. I’ve seen some fairly creative uses of the API, ranging from creating a detailed summary and explanation of university lecture notes, to creating Salesforce platform code in APEX (Salesforce’s custom programming language), to augmenting the design and build of electronic circuitry boards.

My focus in the tech arena is currently Salesforce and their ecosystem of products. How can AI help a Salesforce developer get his daily job done quicker and more efficiently? Salesforce is working on tools to do just this – see “The Potential of Generative AI for Salesforce Developers” on the Salesforce developers blog.

Salesforce’s entire platform is wrapped on low/no code principles such as drag and dropping new fields, creating page layouts and applications via drag and dropping of custom Lightning Web Components, setting data visibility via sharing rules, and many other areas where a developer isn’t even needed. These tasks are commonly performed by an Administrator or Business Analyst type IT role, not a developer. I predict over the next year we’ll see areas where the role of a traditional Salesforce Administrator is completely automated.

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